Why you should consider a career as an HGV driver

Lorry HGV on motorway

The new year is fast approaching and, for most, that means a look at their career. Are you enjoying your current role? Do you wake up and dread the working day ahead?

If so, 2019 might be the year for you to look elsewhere and make some worthwhile changes to your career.

A career that is often wrongly overlooked but provides a whole host of benefits is a Heavy Good Vehicle (HGV) driver. It might be a far cry from your current 9-5 desk job, but the beauty of the role is that it’s easy to get into.

We’ve put together six reasons to explain why you should consider a career as an HGV driver in 2019:

Plenty of work available

For someone looking to join the industry, the good news is that there are plenty of HGV jobs available and companies are always looking for new talent. There’s no shortage of jobs available meaning that it won’t be long until you’ve found your dream role.


The standard 9-5 job isn’t for everyone. You might have hobbies or responsibilities that require you to be elsewhere in those hours and as an HGV driver, you have the ability to choose hours which suit you – it really is flexible.

You might prefer to work weekends, work through nights or have a working pattern (four days working three days off, for example), the option is yours.

Good salary

Because HGV driver jobs are so in demand, tool and hire companies are willing to pay good money for the services of a full-time qualified HGV driver. A newly qualified HGV driver can expect to earn a salary of over £20,000 whilst those more experienced can earn over £30,000 – that’s without including bonuses and loyalty rewards!

Job security

Whilst there are certain industries that are under threat through technological advancements (manufacturing and retail in particular), haulage isn’t going anywhere, at least not any time soon. HGV drivers will always be in demand so your job is relatively secure, unless you commit a driving offence.

Get paid to travel

People save up for months and even years to travel around the UK and Europe. As an HGV driver, you get to travel whilst being paid! Your job can take you across the country and sometimes even into Europe, meaning that you get to see all sorts of sites along the way.

You might be at one end of the country one day and heading over to Europe the next. There is plenty of variation and the role offers a level of freedom that few other jobs can provide.

Anyone can do it

HGV training is available for anyone over the age of 18 who has a full car driving licence. All you need to do is take a course and test. If you are currently in the transport and logistics, some employers will provide this as part of employment.

You can read a more in-depth look at what driving licence is required to become an HGV driver here.

Recruitment agency for HGV drivers

For persons who enjoy driving, life as a truck driver can be a very lucrative one. With the right training and skills, drivers can build a rewarding career in logistics. To find your next role, get in touch with Embark Recruitment today on 01530 588 841.