What’s needed for a forklift engineer job?

At Embark Recruitment, we are experts in recruitment in the plant & tool hire industry. This can range from HGV driver roles to office-based depot managers. One of the main job roles that we cover is service engineers.

Service engineers visit clients to resolve functional problems in machinery by making assessments and resolving issues. Within this area, engineers can specialise in certain areas such as forklift repairs. Forklift truck engineers service and repair lift trucks.

How to become a forklift engineer

They are no set ‘must-haves’ in the industry so each employer will have different requirements.  Despite this, any engineering qualifications are a benefit.

There is a range of engineering training courses available with some giving a higher focus on fork lift trucks. Apprenticeships are also available in vehicle maintenance and repair.

As well as qualifications, experience in LGV service and repair or mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance is key.

Forklift engineer skills

As a general rule, skills that are needed as a forklift engineer are:

  • IT skills
  • Problem solving
  • Analytical way of thinking
  • Driving license
  • Strong communication skills

Day to day tasks as forklift engineer

The main job bio will be to service and repair forklift trucks so that they work correctly and meet safety standards. To achieve this, day-to-day tasks will involve attending client sites, repair and replace parts, test driving to ensure adjustments have worked and servicing engines.

The basis of the job will remain the same but the problems at fault will vary each day which is why skills and the ability to pinpoint a problem is vital.

Salary and working hours

As a rough guide, those starting in the industry will earn anywhere between £18,000 and £23,000. Once they reach an experienced level this can rise up to £30,000 per annum and beyond.

The work will mostly be based remotely, with much of the time spent visiting clients. But the role usually involves40 hours of work a week.

Forklift engineer jobs

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