What licence do HGV drivers need for their job?

HGV driving on UK motorway

For persons both young and old, a career as a HGV driver can be a lucrative one. It provides flexibility, gives you a sense of independence and enables you to earn an excellent living while building yourself a stable future.

Before you start looking for such HGV driver jobs, persons interested should bear in mind the requirements for a job. As you would expect, a HGV driver requires a different type of license than a full UK driving license.  These licence requirements are in place to prove you have a legal ability to drive an HGV. So, what license is needed for a career as a HGV driver?

What do I need to become a HGV driver?

In order to become a HGV driver, a valid licence is needed. To get the licence, you will need to apply for the suitable provisional licence, take a medical exam, theory test, get CPC certification, complete training with a DVLA approved instructor and then undertake the practical test.

3.5 tonne vehicle licence

The smallest vehicle type needed for a driver job will be a 3.5 tonne van. Some of the plant and tool hire driver jobs listed on Embark recruitment are for this weight and to drive this type of vehicle, the full UK driving licence is suitable. If you already have a standard UK driving licence, this entitles you to drive conventional vans that weigh up to 3.5 tonnes so no additional licences are needed for this type of role.

Category C1 licence

With a category C1 licence, you can drive vehicles between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes in weight. This will most likely be a slightly larger van. If having a trailer on the back of the van will be a frequent part of the job, you must also pass the C1+E test which entitles you to add a trailer up to 750kgs.

Category C licence

The category C licence is the most common licence type for those working in the logistics industry. The category C licence allows you to drive a 2-axle lorry over 7.5 tonnes and up to 32 tonnes. It allows you to drive all kinds of vehicles for different industries.

Like the C1 licence, you can get a category C+E licence which enables drivers to drive a lorry with trailers more than 750kg in weight. This is the highest of all licence and drivers are able to drive the heaviest types of vehicles, particularly necessary in industries like construction.

Other points to note

  • You can drive a 3.5 tonne vehicle when you are 17 but you must be at least 18 years old to get a category c licence
  • A valid car licence is needed first
  • If you are over 45 you must renew your licence every five years until you reach 65

Recruitment agency for plant and tool hire HGV drivers

For persons who enjoy driving, life as a driver can be a very lucrative one. With the right training and skills, drivers can build a rewarding career in logistics. To find your next role or begin your career as a HGV driver, get in touch with Embark Recruitment today on 01530 588 841.