What does a tool hire depot manager do?

Tool hire depot manager vacancies often appear on our jobs list. But what’s involved in this role? Experience in and up-to-date knowledge of the tool hire industry is a given. However many other qualities are needed to succeed in this rewarding yet demanding job where no two days are the same.

First rate customer service skills

Whether you’re dealing with the public, contractors or both, the ability to deal with customers both efficiently and in a friendly manner is a must. In the event of any of any issues or customer complaints, as manager, you will be the person expected to resolve any problems to the customer’s satisfaction.  This means it’s vital to have excellent communication skills.

Handling health & safety

Again, as depot manager, when it comes to the safety of employees and customers while on the premises, the ultimate responsibility on site lies with you. As manager, you are obliged to make sure all members of staff, including yourself, have completed the appropriate training under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Any reputable tool hire company will continually check and maintain their tools and also have safety instructions for customers who may not be used to using the tools in question. It is your job to make sure these policies are implemented correctly.

Managing a team

As depot manager, you will have a team of people reporting to you, both directly and indirectly. It is your responsibility to make sure the right people are employed and then given appropriate training in order to do their jobs. As manager you will also need to deal with employee issues such as illness and disputes and do all you can to make sure employees are motivated and content in their roles.

Contributing to success

An experienced manager will be able to anticipate busy times and make sure that the depot is appropriately equipped to manage demand. Whether your depot is a small business or part of a national chain, as manager, you will be expected to play an important role in growing the business to increased profits.

What benefits can I expect?

Salaries will vary according to the location and size of the depot, however you can expect a competitive salary to fulfil this often challenging role. Many tool hire depot managers also enjoy perks such a fuel card, performance-based bonus, company car and mobile phone.

Finding your role as a tool hire depot manager

Working as a tool hire depot manager is a great way to combine your people skills with your experience in the tool hire industry. To find your next role as a depot manager, give Embark Recruitment a call today on 01530 588 841.