Water Efficiency a Priority for Those with Jobs in Tool Hire

Individuals working in jobs in tool hire disciplines¬†could see greater demand for plumbing tools in the years to come, as the UK’s weather becomes more extreme, and water efficiency increases in importance.

Already in 2013, the weather has mirrored that of 2012 – and whereas last year started very dry, followed by a very wet summer, this year has done the opposite.

That has led to localized flooding in several regions, contrasted against parched conditions elsewhere, with some Brits facing hose pipe bans and periods of near-drought.

With this changeable and regionally variable weather making water a less predictable resource than in previous years, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering is urging households to ‘use water wisely’.

Operations manager Danny Davis says: “A dripping tap can waste more than 60 litres of water per week if it isn’t rectified.

“If you have a water meter installed this will certainly push up your bills, so you will be losing money as well as wasting water.”

With good plumbing and modern technologies like rainwater harvesting and low-flow systems among the solutions to leaking pipe work, it is likely that jobs in tool hire will be driven, at least in part, by a continued focus on households’ water consumption in the years to come.