Does a Transparent Recruitment Firm, Mean More Filled Vacancies?

Ask most people to describe the recruitment firm meaning and they will most likely give you a very subjective answer. If you have had some great experiences you will no doubt be singing the praises of your recruitment firm and vice versa if you have not been treated well.

What’s to stop a recruitment agency meaning well, but doesn’t treat you in a courteous professional manner? Or puts you forward for a role but then doesn’t keep you informed, expecting you to drop everything for an interview the next day?

 A transparent approach is optional, but we believe should be mandatory. With that I do say there are some caveats to my statement.

One of the biggest issues I have seen is keeping the candidate in the dark. If you have no news, tell them. If you are chasing the client, tell them. Whatever you do, tell them but don’t fob them off. If you tell someone you are doing something, do it!

Nothing will tarnish your reputation more than not following through as a recruiter. You candidates are your lifeblood and must be treated as such, the moment you begin to take them for granted you need to get out of recruitment asap.

Transparency goes hand in hand with honesty too. If your candidate lives too far away, tell them they may be considered but the commute will come into play when being considered. If their CV is not up to scratch, rather than fudge things, be open, tell them the weak points so they can address them. They will thank you in the long run as you will increase their chances of securing employment.

The same can be said for clients too, if they are asking for the next senior level role, wanting them to work 15hrs a day 6 days a week, live a mile away and only want to pay them £10k under the market rate, coach them to realign their offer to suit. Advise they will not get the quality they need rather than rushing out and then tossing them unsuitable candidates.

Again, you will keep your client in the long run as you are transparent and will not offer a sub-par service. This tells them the work you do is high value and reliable and will save them money in the end.

For me there is only one recruitment firm meaning and that is a firm that will provide honesty, integrity and transparency to both candidates and clients.