Tool Hire Recruitment can Shore up Supply of Tradespeople

Tool hire recruitment is part of arguably one of the UK’s most important vertical markets, as those tools are often used by tradespeople in construction work on new affordable housing for British families.

However, the Federation of Master Builders has reported that a two-year upward trend within the building industry may be under threat from a lack of skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen.

The warning follows the publication of the FMB’s Q2 2015 State of Trade Survey, which showed 42% of building firms had higher workloads in June 2015 than in the previous quarter, when 39% saw their order books rising.

While this is a sign of a growing market, in a labour-intensive industry like construction, it is essential that the manpower to underpin that growth is available in the workforce.

Tool hire recruitment can help at one end of the supply chain, and as new tradespeople enter into the industry, this may help those without specialist tools of their own to rent the equipment they need to take on certain jobs.

Brian Berry, chief executive of the FMB, said: “Almost half of construction SMEs are struggling to recruit adequate numbers of bricklayers, with others finding it increasingly hard to hire carpenters and joiners, site managers and supervisors.

“How much stronger would the pace of growth in the UK construction industry be if we had an ample supply of skilled tradespeople?”