Tool Hire Jobs Help Brits Achieve Ambitions

Tool hire jobs could help many Brits to get the kind of working life they want – as well as entering a profession with plenty of appeal to those around you.

Research from the Federation of Master Builders reveals that one in six people in the UK want to rid their day of office politics, and one in five would like to spend more time outdoors.

An eighth want to escape sitting at a desk all day, and the same proportion want to be more physically active – and nearly one in four have thought about changing careers in the past year.

Tool hire jobs are a great way to achieve many of these ambitions, without necessarily needing to be a master tradesman in your own right.

FMB member and TV builder Chris Payne said: “These insights suggest that, while many people may find themselves in an office-based job, they often feel frustrated with their day-to-day routine, whether it’s being chained to a desk all day or staring at spreadsheets.”

There’s one other reason to consider applying for that tool hire vacancy; in a slightly tongue-in-cheek addition to the survey, the FMB surveyed people on which professions they consider to be the sexiest.

Unsurprisingly, bankers and fat-cat CEOs didn’t score too highly, and nor did ‘trendy’ disciplines like graphic design.

Military, pilots and nurses took the podium positions, but builders made the top ten too, and Chris Payne added: “There’s a traditional appeal in physically active, handy and hardworking professions.”