Green Construction Brings Tool Hire Recruitment Back to Basics

How plant hire jobs can help SMEs deliver new homes

Tool hire recruitment opportunities could see a return to traditional construction methods in the years to come, as green and sustainable building continues to shape the future of the sector as a whole. According to a report from Navigant Research, traditional materials and methods are going through a resurgence, thanks to the popularity of eco-friendly…

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Initiative to Boost SME Plant Hire Vacancies

Initiative to boost SME plant hire vacancies

Plant hire vacancies and similar roles with SME construction firms are likely to be on the increase in the near future, thanks to a partnership between the Federation of Master Builders and the Department for Work and Pensions. A Partnership Agreement signed by the two organisations in early July sets out several ambitions for the…

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Construction 2025 Plan to Boost Plant Hire Jobs

Construction 2025 plan to boost plant hire jobs

The coming 12 years are likely to see a substantial boost in plant hire jobs and other recruitment to construction-related disciplines, thanks to the Construction 2025 initiative. Construction 2025 is an industry-wide plan to ensure the British construction sector is capitalising not only on domestic opportunities, but also on international growth and emerging markets. Among…

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Five Year High in Housing Construction Holds Hope for Jobs

Five-year high in housing construction holds hope for jobs

Housing construction is among the main driving forces behind jobs in tool hire, with an almost limitless array of different tools used regularly in building and fitting out new homes throughout the UK. During the recent economic turbulence, suppressed activity in the housing sector has been a cause for concern – however, official figures show there…

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Jobs in Plant Hire Can Cater for ‘Lean Construction’ Trend

Jobs in plant hire can cater for 'lean construction' trend

Jobs in plant hire could have an important role to play in a future trend in the construction industry. During a recent event at Birmingham New Street Station, business consultant Brian Swain outlined the principles of ‘lean construction’, and how a lean approach to specifying can have benefits for various different sectors. Within construction in…

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Jobs in Tool Hire Can Fill in The DIY Gaps

Jobs in tool hire can fill in the DIY gaps

Jobs in tool Hire can help you to achieve the same aims that drive your desire to do DIY around the home – and fill in some of the gaps that might be left in other professions. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that men have different reasons for having an…

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Construction Upswing May Boost Plant Hire Jobs

Construction upswing may boost plant hire jobs

Plant hire jobs are likely to increase in number in the months to come, with construction professionals’ expectations of workloads and employment both showing an upswing. According to the RICS UK Construction Market Survey, Q1 2013, the percentage of chartered surveyors who expect the industry’s employment figures to rise over the coming 12 months is…

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