Hire Convention 2016 Looks to ‘Future Proof’ Plant Hire Recruitment

Hire Convention 2016 looks to 'future proof' plant hire recruitment

The recent Hire Convention 2016 in Loughborough placed plant hire recruitment high on the agenda as it looked at ways to future proof the sector and attract new talent into plant hire vacancies. Organised by Hire Association Europe and Event Hire Association (HAE EHA), the two-day convention took place at Loughborough’s Holywell Park on September…

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Rising Demand has Good Prospects for Plant Hire Recruitment

Jobs in plant hire look good through 2020

Plant hire recruitment opportunities are likely to be on the increase in the coming years, as part of a return to growth that has led many firms in the sector to look towards expansion. According to Plant Hire Market Report – UK 2016-2020 Analysis from AMA Research, the UK plant hire market overall achieved 5%…

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Plant Hire Jobs Set Young People on an Entrepreneurial Path

Plant hire jobs set young people on an entrepreneurial path

The construction sector has always been one in which entrepreneurial spirit is rewarded, and for many people plant hire jobs are just the first step along that path. In a sector where vocational qualifications and on the job experience are highly valued, the Federation of Master Builders reports that nearly three in five present-day construction bosses began…

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Skilled Individuals are Needed for Plant Hire Vacancies

Skilled individuals are needed for plant hire vacancies

A shortage of skilled individuals in many sectors is creating new challenges for the labour force, and construction-related disciplines such as plant hire vacancies appear to be affected too. Plant hire vacancies are an indication of growth in construction activity, as one of the core services underpinning the delivery of everything from new residential and commercial…

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More on Apprenticeships for Plant Hire Jobs

More on apprenticeships for plant hire jobs

Following our recent report on how apprenticeships – if delivered properly – can support construction-related disciplines like plant hire jobs, the government have published an Ofsted report looking at the successes and shortcomings of the current system. The report praises sectors like construction, which have already followed the apprenticeship model for many years, while criticising the…

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Apprenticeships Must Deliver ‘Added Value’ for Jobs in Plant Hire

Jobs in plant hire look good through 2020

Hire Association Europe has called for apprenticeships in the construction industry to deliver “added value” for jobs in plant hire, related disciplines, and for the employers who provide such opportunities. A government consultation on the issue closed recently, with the next publication of updates on the process due before Christmas. It centres on the proposal of an…

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Plant Hire Recruitment Supports Young People in Construction

Plant hire recruitment supports young people in construction

As efforts continue to attract more young applicants into construction roles, plant hire recruitment has its own part to play in making sure these new entrants have all of the equipment available to them that they need at the start of their new careers. Entering construction roles can be challenging for self-employed individuals and contractors, who might…

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Could Apprenticeship Funding Affect Plant Hire Recruitment?

Could apprenticeship funding affect plant hire recruitment?

Government proposals on construction apprenticeship funding could have far-reaching consequences throughout the industry, from those working on building new homes and commercial premises, to related disciplines like plant hire recruitment. Throughout the sector, experience and expertise have always been highly valued, and construction remains an industry where education is largely vocational, including a wealth of…

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Harnessing Social Media to Recruit into Construction Roles

Plant and Tool Hire Jobs & Social Media

A campaign is underway to recruit more young people into construction roles such as plant hire jobs, including a focus on increasing the proportion of entrants into the industry who are female. Just 12% of the current workforce in construction roles like plant hire jobs are female, making a male-dominated sector as a whole. But…

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Road Building Holds Huge Promise for Plant Hire Recruitment

Roadbuilding holds huge promise for plant hire recruitment

Major investment into road building is likely to deliver a vast increase in plant hire recruitment opportunities with the government telling those in construction-related disciplines to ‘prepare’ for a total of £24 billion of work between now and 2021. Roads minister Robert Goodwill announced the substantial rise in investment earlier this month, claiming that it will…

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