Tool Hire Recruitment can Shore up Supply of Tradespeople

Tool hire recruitment finds jobs that are 'just right'

Tool hire recruitment is part of arguably one of the UK’s most important vertical markets, as those tools are often used by tradespeople in construction work on new affordable housing for British families. However, the Federation of Master Builders has reported that a two-year upward trend within the building industry may be under threat from…

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Industry Calls for Push on Tool Hire Recruitment

Industry calls for push on tool hire recruitment

Young people entering jobs in tool hire might be surprised by just how much they are valued by those in the construction industry, following the news that the sector is calling for a push on tool hire recruitment in the immediate future. Hire Association Europe have teamed up with JCB to do just that, with…

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Water Efficiency a Priority for Those with Jobs in Tool Hire

Water efficiency a priority for those with jobs in tool hire

Individuals working in jobs in tool hire disciplines¬†could see greater demand for plumbing tools in the years to come, as the UK’s weather becomes more extreme, and water efficiency increases in importance. Already in 2013, the weather has mirrored that of 2012 – and whereas last year started very dry, followed by a very wet…

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Construction Upswing May Boost Plant Hire Jobs

Construction upswing may boost plant hire jobs

Plant hire jobs are likely to increase in number in the months to come, with construction professionals’ expectations of workloads and employment both showing an upswing. According to the RICS UK Construction Market Survey, Q1 2013, the percentage of chartered surveyors who expect the industry’s employment figures to rise over the coming 12 months is…

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