Regional Construction Boom in Some of the UK’s Biggest Regional Cities

Regional Construction boom in some of the UK's biggest regional cities

The largest UK regional cities are experiencing a construction boom, not anticipated by the scaremongers following Brexit. The attraction of city centre living is helping as are the new transport links to certain parts of the UK. Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Belfast have all seen big jumps in the levels of development across a number…

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Sunny Rorecast for UK Construction in 2017

Sunny forecast for UK construction in 2017

December saw the fastest growth in almost 12 months, according to a survey, but the weaker pound has increased the costs of materials to a 5 and a half year high. The positive report from CIPS/Markit came a day after a strong survey from the manufacturing sector, showing a 2 and a half year high.…

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Strong Wage Growth Prospects for Plant Hire Vacancies

Strong wage growth prospects for plant hire vacancies

Candidates applying for plant hire vacancies in the coming months could see higher starting salaries, as part of a broader trend towards higher wages in the construction industry. The Construction Products Association reports that in the first quarter, salaries and wages were higher among heavy-side materials companies, and 71% of light-side companies too. For the…

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Subcontractors Benefit from Construction Increase

Could apprenticeship funding affect plant hire recruitment?

Workloads have increased for the construction industry among small and medium firms for the first time since 2007. The latest Construction Trade Survey showed that those in the industries such as manufacturing or civil engineering have all reported a bigger workload. Noble Francis, Economics Director at the Construction Products Association, said: “As house building –…

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