Subcontractors Benefit from Construction Increase

Workloads have increased for the construction industry among small and medium firms for the first time since 2007.

The latest Construction Trade Survey showed that those in the industries such as manufacturing or civil engineering have all reported a bigger workload.

Noble Francis, Economics Director at the Construction Products Association, said: “As house building – boosted by Help to Buy until 2016 – is a key driver, this growth should be sustained.

It is predicted that construction output is going to rise by 2.2% in 2014 and by 2014 will have risen to 4.5%.

“The improvement in construction activity is encouraging, though any improvement should be set against the difficult conditions of the last few years.” Said Stephen Ratcliffe, Director UKCG.

“The survey shows increased workloads for contractors in the second quarter, but the majority still report falling order books.

“The government has recognised the importance of the construction sector, and the industry will continue to work with ministers to develop a clearer pipeline of work in order to build further industry confidence.’

Julia Evans, Chief Executive of the National Federation of Builders added: “We must not take our eye off the ball as a sustained recovery needs a continuing, sustainable level of investment.

“While, as an industry, we do not expect to return to pre-2008 levels of activity, it is important to ensure that investment continues – particularly the investment that is dependent on future spending cuts.”

Important survey findings:

  • 72% of building contractors reported a rise in building work on an annual basis
  • Building activity increased across all sectors but mostly housing
  • 42% of contractors working on private housing developments and 40% of contractors working on public housing developments, reported rises in output year-on-year, on balance.
  • Light side product sales were broadly unchanged versus, on balance, but 14% of heavy side companies saw sales increase on a quarterly basis, on balance.
  • Civil engineering workloads were mostly unchanged for the third consecutive quarter with 2% of respondents indicating that sales fell from a year ago, on balance. Orders increased, however, according to 5% of respondents, on balance.
  • SMEs reported the first rise in annual output since 2007 Q4 and 5% of firms reported a rise in enquiries, on balance.
  • According to 11% of large and medium sized contractors, overall new work orders fell on an annual basis, on balance.
  • Tender prices fell according to 26% of specialist contractors, on balance, and 31% of companies indicated that margins declined.
  • Cost pressures increased and 58% of contractors, on balance, indicated that costs were higher on a quarterly basis.

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