Self Build Measures May Boost Jobs in Tool Hire

Jobs in tool hire might be expected to benefit from any increase in self-building, where it is less likely that those working on a new home for themselves will have all of the tools they need immediately at their disposal.

Under newly announced government measures, we could soon see an increase in self-building and in jobs in tool hire, as the UK strives to catch up on its European neighbours.

Brian Berry, chief executive of the Federation of Master Builders, says: “We know that the self-build sector is an underdeveloped part of the UK housing market, accounting for only around 10% of new homes, which compares unfavourably with other European countries such as Germany and Ireland, where the figure is 50%, and Austria, where it is as high as 80%.”

The government measures outlined earlier this month by communities minister Don Foster include several efforts to help self-build projects get off the ground.

Among them are guidelines for planning authorities to help identify local self-build demand, and a review intended to identify land held by the Homes and Communities Agency that could be released for small and self-built developments.

With the UK’s supply of housing – and particularly of affordable homes – facing something of a crisis, these measures could be good news both in terms of increasing the availability of new houses, and in terms of the employment boost to jobs in tool hire and other such disciplines.