Safety Measures in Construction Site Operations are Critical

Safety in the workplace. We all know about it and when the next safety briefing comes up we all groan inwardly thinking there is always something better we could be doing with our time but in actual fact these boring briefings and information sessions help towards saving hundreds if not thousands of injuries from occurring each year. 

When you are dealing with larger pieces of equipment and dangerous working conditions such as demolition or new construction, safety measures in construction site operations are critical to ensure the health and safety or the workforce. Even the most innocuous of tasks can be potentially life threatening if not handled using a safe proven method to achieve the desired outcome. 

Recently a worker who was installing plywood boards over holes in the floor (for safety) fell to the floor below and suffered fractures in his arm and pelvis now preventing him from working since the accident. The company the man was working for had failed to ensure the work had been planned and carried out in a safe manner. In the layman’s eyes the risk was low as he was working on his knees securing the boards but in actuality he was working at height as he could and in fact did fall to the floor below. 

Another incident involved a man who was cutting a freestanding wall made of concrete blocks. His colleague was cutting into the wall from just above the halfway point. He then took over from his colleague and began cutting from the top using step ladders for access. The wall subsequently collapsed knocking him from the ladder and landed on top of him causing fractures to his neck and back. The incident happened in 2014 and he has not been able to work since. An investigation found a risk assessment had not been carried out nor had the workers been provided with suitable work instructions. In addition, no checks had been made regarding the workers experience or training and he had not been provided with a site induction or adequate personal protection equipment.

The next time a safety in the workplace induction occurs pay full attention, it may one day save you from serious harm.