Road Building Holds Huge Promise for Plant Hire Recruitment

Major investment into road building is likely to deliver a vast increase in plant hire recruitment opportunities with the government telling those in construction-related disciplines to ‘prepare’ for a total of £24 billion of work between now and 2021.

Roads minister Robert Goodwill announced the substantial rise in investment earlier this month, claiming that it will represent the largest amount spent on the UK’s national road network since the 1970s.

The total amount to be spent in the coming eight years has been tripled, with an annual road building budget of £3 billion by the end of the next parliamentary session.

During the current parliamentary session, £3.3 billion is due to be invested; then, from the general election of 2015 onwards, the government’s current plans would see a steady rise in spending on road infrastructure, totalling £10.7 billion by 2021.

A further £6.1 billion has been earmarked specifically for resurfacing work across 80% of the existing road network, with £6 billion to tackle the blight of potholes.

Taken together, this is likely to unlock substantial opportunities for plant hire recruitment and other related disciplines from the middle of the decade onwards.

“We need to make sure we have the right people and equipment in place,” said Mr Goodwill. “This means taking on more apprentices and making sure suppliers have the capacity to deal with the increase in demand.”