What are recruiters looking for in a fitter engineer?

In the UK, there are around 1.5 million people working in engineer-related roles. This means that there is a steady demand for experienced fitter engineers. So, what is a fitter engineer and how do you get into this career?

What is a fitter engineer?

Fitter engineers install, maintain and repair mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems and equipment. They work from detailed engineering drawings and technical manuals to fit and assemble parts and components for a variety of machinery.

The role involves dealing with the various processes involved in making or producing components for machinery.

What skills are required to be a fitter engineer?

Problem-solving is a key attribute in becoming a successful fitter engineer. When maintaining an item there can be many reasons why it might not be working. It is the responsibility of the fitter to provide a solution to the problem.

Technical skills required for the role can be gained by training for a qualification. There are a number of possible options but some examples include Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Engineering Maintenance, Level 3 Diploma in Installing Engineering Construction Plant and Systems – Mechanical Fitting and Level 3 Combined Diploma in Process Engineering Maintenance.

Other options include an apprenticeship scheme and further training can be taken up to degree level to qualify as a mechanical engineer.

Types of jobs for fitter engineers

Fitter engineers could work on mechanical, electrical, electronic or pneumatic machinery for land, sea, air and space technology. Fitter engineers generally specialise in planned or emergency maintenance.

Planned engineers make regular check on machinery according to a schedule and emergency engineers fix faults as they happen.

Recruitment agency for fitter engineers

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