Positive Signs for Tool Hire Jobs Thanks to Custom Build Fund

Tool hire jobs could be among the beneficiaries of the Custom Build Fund, a £150 million government initiative that aims to help finance building plots for custom housing.

The Federation of Master Builders welcomed the announcement of the fund at the end of June, calling it good news for homebuyers and house-builders alike.

Chief executive Brian Berry said: “In recent decades the house-building industry has suffered from the loss of too many small firms.

“Growing the custom build sector could better utilize the capabilities of many skilled small firms with experience of delivering one-off projects.”

Significantly for tool hire jobs, one of the potential applications of the Fund is for firms to put in the basic infrastructure for five or more properties before selling on the land.

This would effectively allow people to obtain a plot of land with all of the essential utilities in place, on which they could build a property to their own specifications.

Of course, all of the usual planning laws and approval processes would apply; but it is a possible way by which more people might realize their vision of their dream home.

And those working in tool hire jobs would have their own key role to play in that, by providing the equipment needed to work on custom builds.