Plant & Tool Hire Survey Shows Upturn in Industry Prospects

In September 2013, Embark Recruitment sent a survey to over a thousand individuals working in managerial roles within the tool and plant hire industry. Our aim was to get a better picture of how healthy the plant and tool hire industry was at that moment, and gain information on what businesses are predicting for the coming year.

The first question asked was “Past Turnover – How does it stand currently compared to the previous 12 months of trading?” 78.1% of respondents suggested that their turnover had either slightly or significantly grown, whilst only 8.5% of respondents reported a fall in turnover.

Next, the respondents were asked “Future Turnover – what do you expect from the next 12 months trading?” Only 2.4% anticipated a fall in turnover, whilst an overwhelming 95% expected a growth in turnover.

In considering employment, respondents were asked whether, over the last 12 months, their staff headcount had “increased significantly”, “increased slightly”, “stayed the same”, “fallen slightly” or “fallen significantly”. 72.9% of respondents answered that their staff headcount had stayed the same or increased, whilst only 3.6% reported a fall. Respondents were also asked what they were anticipating to happen to their staff headcount in the next 12 months, with the same answers available. 61% of respondents anticipated an increase in staff headcount, whilst only 3.6% expected their staff levels to fall.

Finally, respondents were asked “When recruiting were you able to find the quality / experience you were looking for?” Respondents could answer “yes”, “no”, “sometimes” or “n/a”. 41.5% answered sometimes, and 34.1% answered “yes”.

Overall, the survey shows that employment prospects and business growth have both experienced an upturn, and that this upturn is predicted to continue for the next twelve months.