Plant and Tool Hire Jobs & Social Media

When you think about plant and tool hire jobs you do not often associate them with social media. More often than not what comes to mind is someone in dirty work gear operating heavy plant equipment or someone in a warehouse full of tools and equipment.

So how does social media play a part in all this? We as a society are becoming increasingly more active on social media, especially on mobile devices and this in turn has created a world where we want immediate answers and information no matter where we are. We are also becoming more visible online and this has led to a shift change from old style methods of recruiting to finding new candidates on social platforms. 

LinkedInFacebook and Twitter are some of the big social platforms commonly used by most companies to not only search for new talent but to also spread the word of their own brands and successes.

Now when a potential candidate approaches a new company both parties now have a good idea of who they are engaging. The company can see not only what the candidate is like on their CV, but they can see what the person is like from an interpersonal perspective and if they would be a suitable fit. Likewise, the candidate can see what the company has done, what they stand for and get a little more of an insight of how the company works. 

Social media is not only here to stay but is constantly evolving, forcing drastic changes in the plant and tool hire jobs market as the way we interact changes with it.