Plant Hire Jobs Help You Say ‘I Made That’

Working in plant hire jobs makes you a part of an important supply chain, giving construction projects of all sizes the machinery and equipment they need to get the job done.

This ultimately allows you to look at a finished building – whether residential, commercial or infrastructure – and say, “I helped make that.”

In a blog post, the Construction Industry Training Board looks back to London 2012 and people like Kath Moore, who worked on the Olympic Park as part of the Women into Construction scheme.

“I love the innovative side of construction,” she said, “having the opportunity to create something useful, visible and tangible that will remain for years after I am gone. I love being able to say, ‘See that building? I was part of the making of that.'”

She added light-heartedly that although she has enjoyed watching the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, they “weren’t a patch” on London 2012.

Kath says that although women were still a minority on the Olympic Park site, they were accepted, supported and even encouraged by those working around them.

Why not play your own part in continuing this Olympic legacy, while working in plant hire jobs to make sure construction firms in your area have access to the machinery and equipment they need?