How Plant Hire Jobs Can Help SMEs Deliver New Homes

Plant hire jobs are a crucial link in the housing supply chain, ensuring building firms of all sizes have access to the tools they might not directly own.

For obvious reasons, this can be even more important for small and medium-sized firms, whose investment budget to purchase new tools and equipment outright may be smaller.

As a consequence, plant hire jobs can help this diverse end of the construction sector to thrive, at a time when the Federation of Master Builders is calling on the new government to do exactly that.

Before the election, the FMB welcomed the Conservatives’ manifesto for putting housing supply at ‘centre stage’.

“To deliver its ambitions, the next government will need to remain focused on the barriers to housing supply and need for greater diversity in the house building industry,” said FMB chief executive Brian Berry.

He added that there is a particular need for “minimising the barriers to SME house builders building out small sites”.

Plant and tool hire jobs can help to remove some of these barriers; however, SMEs will also need a steady supply of materials for construction.

The FMB also recently pointed to a shortage of bricks from manufacturers who mothballed their kilns during the recession, adding that it is essential that, as these come back online, orders are fulfilled to smaller building firms, and not just to the biggest operators in the market.