MEWP Hire Cost and What to Consider Beforehand

When considering a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform, sometimes referred to as Cherry Picker) there are a lot of things for you to take into consideration.

Can you do it any other way without using a MEWP / cherry picker hire solution?

How high do you need to go?

How many people will be working at height?

Are you outdoors or indoors? If outdoors is the ground level? Is there appropriate access? What are the weather conditions?

Will you be taking heavy equipment up with you? If so is it stable? 

Will you be leaving the unit when in the air?

How long will you require the unit for?

If employees are in the MEWP have they been adequately trained?

These are just a few of the questions to consider before you even pick up the phone to enquire about MEWP / cherry picker hire. Let alone begin to discuss models and the associated MEWP hire prices. Given that falls from height accounted for just over 25% of all fatal accidents 2015/16 (HSE.GOV.UK) establishing if you really have to do the work at height should be your primary concern. 

If you are looking to conduct work at height for an extended period of time, maybe weighing up scaffolding hire cost against MEWP hire cost will need to be taken into account to assess the most cost effective means of conducting the works.

No matter how you proceed you will need to ensure ALL employees using the cherry picker / MEWP have a sufficient level of safety training and certification to allow them to perform the task.

If there really is no other way to perform the work other than to use a MEWP / cherry picker then do as much research as possible both for ensuring you have the right tool for the right job and to ensure ALL personnel undertaking the task are suitably qualified to do so.