Maintenance Keeps Plant Hire Jobs Safe and Sound

A discussion paper from the Construction Plant-hire Association recommends that people working in plant hire jobs should liaise with long-term customers on the issue of planned maintenance of machinery, to keep it in good working order throughout longer contracts.

The CPA’s Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group has published the 62-page document for feedback, and the draft version includes a note that while site managers take responsibility for the maintenance of machinery on site, the owners of the equipment may also be responsible for scheduled maintenance during periods when it is hired out for a long time.

“Where an item of plant is hired out on the basis that the owner is responsible for carrying out maintenance, the owner should inform the hirer – at the start of the hire – that their maintenance staff will require access to the machine at specified intervals,” it states.

“The hirer should be advised of the frequency and length of time required for maintenance operations.”

By working together in this way, individuals in plant hire jobs can help to prevent mechanical failures that threaten the safety of those working on the client’s site, while also protecting valuable plant from potential damage or even destruction.