London’s ULEZ nears implementation – how will it affect your HGVs?

London’s 24 hour Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is just months away and it has been predicted that many drivers of cars and heavy good vehicles are going to be caught off-guard, unaware that they are susceptible to charges.

For the plant and tool hire industry, the ULEZ will affect the logistics of HGVs in and around the capital. With the zone being introduced on 8th April 2019, there is little time left for businesses to make the necessary changes to avoid the charges.

HGV fleets in the tool and hire industry are required to meet the latest exhaust emission standards or pay a daily charge of £100 in addition to central London’s congestion charge of £11.50 per day. These plans were originally proposed to start in 2020 but Sadiq Khan brought the date forward a year to rectify the ongoing air quality problem in London sooner.

Who will the ULEZ affect?

Although there is plenty of concern about the change amongst the tool and plant hire industry, only businesses with lorries that routinely deliver and work around London’s central areas will need to take immediate action.

The wider impact will begin from 26 October 2020 when strict emission standards come into force that will see vehicles over 3.5T face a low emission zone across London’s entirety. Again, lorries will face a £100 charge per day if standards are not met. At this point, it will be one single charge for entering the Low and Ultra Low Emission Zones.

With the ULEZ expanding next year, there are going to be new regulations and expenses upcoming for businesses to consider. The introduction of the clean air zones shows the way that road travel is moving going and it is businesses responsibility to ensure compliance.

Will your fleet of HGVs be eligible?

All vehicles over 3.5T will need to meet Euro VI standards to avoid paying the £100 daily charge. The charge is enforced on the emissions rather than the age but Euro VI engines are generally those registered with the DVLA after 2014.

For the extended LEZ that comes into play on October 26th 2020, lorries must also meet Euro VI standards. But a £300 charge will be inflicted if Euro IV standard not met. Businesses can check the standard of their fleet of lorries here.

There are plenty of ways that businesses can prepare for the ULEZ and zones including upgrading the fleet to reassessing delivery routes. Taking the time to prepare for the change will prevent avoidable charges being incurred.

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