Labour Plans Could Increase Tool Hire Recruitment

While the coalition government are focusing on the fastest affordable housing construction for two decades, Labour have also been making announcements that could increase tool hire recruitment, if they win the next election.

Speaking to the National House Building Council, shadow housing minister Emma Reynolds said that a Labour government would embark upon an initiative called ‘Build First’.

This would aim to support small firms in the construction sector, as well as to make it easier to get self-build projects started.

“Our aim is to significantly boost the role of the smaller firms, and the self and custom-build industry, to help us reach our ambition of building at least 200,000 homes a year by 2020,” she said.

This in turn would, she added, support as many as 230,000 jobs in the construction industry, including many for small and medium-sized builders.

Opportunities in tool hire recruitment would likely arise in turn, as small construction firms looked to expand to cope with the added demand of the Build First scheme.

With the coalition’s own plans for an acceleration of affordable housing due to come in 2015-18, it seems there are likely to be considerable tool hire vacancies throughout the next parliamentary session, regardless of which party wins the next election.