Kitchens and Bathrooms Spell Promising Future for Tool Hire Jobs

Tool hire jobs are likely to see an upturn in the coming 12 months as the kitchens and bathrooms market in the UK passes the £1 billion threshold.

A new report from MTW Research forecasts strengthening growth in 2014, building on modest market expansion in 2013, and taking the sector beyond the £1 billion benchmark.

Consumers in general are understandably seeking the best value for their spend, but there is also a clear trend towards high-quality, luxurious fixtures and fittings, helping to add value growth to the bottom-line volume growth that is also being seen.

Merchant demand is on the increase, and house building projects are underpinning volume growth and are likely to help support the number of tool hire jobs available over the year as well.

Director of MTW Research Mark Waddy says: “Successful distributors focus on all aspects of customers’ needs, they also recognise their integral role in the supply chain and can uniquely influence and assist suppliers and customers to develop cohesive, effective marketing strategies to grow sales.”

For some suppliers, this could mean offering installation services, or providing tool hire for DIY enthusiasts keen to fit materials themselves, without having to buy equipment outright.

And while MTW Research says the sector is in “recovery mode”, there is clear potential for strong growth, as the 20% of best-performing respondents to the survey have already seen double-digit revenue increases in 2013.