Jobs in Tool Hire can Help Both Genders Feel Confident

Jobs in tool hire are not just ‘jobs for the boys’, as outdated gender stereotypes have fallen by the wayside and an ever-growing number of women are moving into roles in the industry.

Whether you are male or female, jobs in tool hire could be worth considering, particularly in light of the different degree of job security felt by the two sexes.

The latest installment in the Legal & General Job Security Index shows that 78% of men are confident that their current job is secure, compared with 73% of women.

On average across both genders, 76% of people feel secure in their current role – meaning almost one in four are likely to already have one eye on the jobs market.

Mark Holweger, managing director of Legal & General, says: “While people feel confident that their current job is more secure, they don’t necessarily feel that there are more or better opportunities available should they lose their current position.”

Only 11% of people think there will be more job opportunities available to them in 2014, but whether you are currently employed and considering your options, or are out of work and looking for employment, jobs in tool hire are likely to offer a broad range of vacancies to suit your skills.