Jobs in Plant Hire may Benefit from Construction Growth

Jobs in plant hire could be in greater supply in the months ahead, following the prediction that the market for industrial machinery will grow substantially over the course of 2014 as a whole.

In a report from IHS Technology, the analyst firm forecasts 6.3% growth in global industrial machinery sales, more than twice the 2.9% rate achieved in 2013.

This is predicted to continue for at least the next four years, at an average annual growth rate of 5-6% and taking the worldwide value of the industry to some $2 trillion.

However, with growth in equipment sales is likely to also come growth in the rental market, leading to more jobs in plant hire as a result.

IHS Technology says: “Increased demand for housing, infrastructure and commercial buildings is benefiting the construction equipment sectors.

“Moreover, social awareness of green technologies is resulting in higher demand for industrial machines in photovoltaics and in wind turbines.”

All of this growing demand in different market verticals means the need for plant hire services is likely to grow on several separate counts as well.

In turn, this has good prospects for plant hire recruitment opportunities in the months to come, and moving ahead into the next four years.