Introduction of T-levels Could Increase Tool Hire Numbers

In the 2017 Budget, it was announced that the UK will invest heavily in a new technical qualification named T-levels.

For years, the widely accepted route to ‘success’ has been GCSE to A-level, then A-level onto university. T-levels will bypass this familiar route and give young people a pathway into 15 sectors where technical training is required to progress into employment.

The plans will increase the number of hours that students train by 50 per cent and replace the existing 13,000 qualifications with just 15, to simplify the system. Extra funding of £500m a year will pay for the new system.

The 15 new courses will include construction, engineering, social care and manufacturing amongst others. The introduction of T-levels is an attempt to make technical qualifications the equivalent of A-levels in terms of status, with a long term aim of increasing the UK’s productivity in this area.

The UK is currently placed 16th out of 20 developed economies when it comes to how many people have a technical education. The government describes the introduction of T-Levels as the “biggest overhaul of post-school education in 70 years”. T-Levels will be developed and phased in between 2018 and 2022.

The impact on plant and tool hire

With easier access to this career path, more young people are likely to fulfil careers in the technical industries mentioned. This influx of productivity could have a knock-on effect onto the tool hire industry.

Many more projects will be being undertaken by people who do not necessarily have the correct specialist tools to complete certain tasks. The need will then be for experienced candidates who are able to advise on which tools are needed for specific jobs.

Plant & tool hire appears to be a careers choice that is only going to increase in demand in years to come. As more young people choose vocational training instead of the academic route, demand for plant and tool hire jobs is likely to increase as a result.

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