Interview preparation for a tool and plant hire industry job

So, you’ve had a phone call or email inviting you to an interview for a tool or plant hire job that you recently applied for. Congratulations! This means that the employer has seen enough in your CV to acknowledge that you are capable of succeeding in the role. The interview is an opportunity for you to relay your skills and confirm their thoughts.

Whether you’ve been asked to an interview for a hire controller, depot manager, HGV driver, fitter engineer or mobile engineer, much of the interview preparation remains the same.

Research the employer

The employer will expect you to have dedicated time to learning about their company. Learn about the background of the company: its size, values, clients, team and issues, trends and opportunities affecting the company. Think about how your role relates to the company’s current needs and mission.

Knowing the company inside and out shows that you have a genuine interest in the work they do.

Prepare answers

As the old saying goes, preparation is key. We can’t stress that more than enough. Nine times out of ten, the candidate that puts time into preparing for an interview will land the job over someone who has done very little.

Cover your bases for each type of question they could possibly ask and think about what they want to hear (more about that in the next point). Have a rough idea of the topics and examples you want to talk about for competency based questions before you arrive.

Read the job spec (twice!)

At the job interview, the employer is giving you the opportunity to tell them exactly want they want to here. The job description is where you’ll be able to decipher what the main skills are that the company is looking for. Look at the job specification and line up the skills you possess with what’s required for the job.

Be sure to tailor your pitch for the job you’re applying for. Pick examples that showcase your experience and skills that best fit with the job on offer.

Plan your journey

The last thing that you want on interview day is to get lost en route. A couple of days before, look into the best route, where you will park and how long it will take. If it makes you feel more comfortable and calms some of the nerves do a test- run to the interview location.

Look the part

When it comes to dressing for a tool or plant hire job interview, it’s best to dress smart. You might think that a polo and jeans is suitable for a HGV driver interview but if you are unsure, it’s always better to over dress.

For men, we recommend a dark suit with a shirt and tie and for women, a trouser suit or dress.

Tool and plant hire jobs

Operating solely within the Plant, Tool & Equipment Hire Industry allows Embark Recruitment to get insight into requirements, terminology, issues, challenges and needs. If you are looking for a job in this industry, use our job search function here.