Initiative to Boost SME Plant Hire Vacancies

Plant hire vacancies and similar roles with SME construction firms are likely to be on the increase in the near future, thanks to a partnership between the Federation of Master Builders and the Department for Work and Pensions.

A Partnership Agreement signed by the two organisations in early July sets out several ambitions for the sector, including:

  • access to labour market intelligence;
  • recruitment opportunities for people keen to enter the SME construction sector;
  • recruitment opportunities under the Youth Contract and similar DWP initiatives;
  • first-hand information for FMB members on government employment initiatives.

FMB national president Jim Gilmour says: “The FMB already has an extremely close working relationship with the DWP, but this Partnership Agreement will allow us to build on that with the aim of improving access to those seeking a rewarding career in the construction SME sector.”

As the ambitions of the agreement begin to be realised, it is likely that plant hire vacancies will reflect the greater access that has been made available to SME construction firms.

That may mean a greater number of local businesses looking to hire equipment in their geographical area, or a proliferation of short-term hires for SMEs with a smaller overall order book.