Hire Convention 2016 Looks to ‘Future Proof’ Plant Hire Recruitment

The recent Hire Convention 2016 in Loughborough placed plant hire recruitment high on the agenda as it looked at ways to future proof the sector and attract new talent into plant hire vacancies.

Organised by Hire Association Europe and Event Hire Association (HAE EHA), the two-day convention took place at Loughborough’s Holywell Park on September 21st-22nd.

It spanned the complete hire sector, from plant and machinery to access equipment, catering and sanitation, with an open invitation to owners and directors, regional managers, and anyone else working in a relevant discipline.

With an over-arching theme of ‘Smarter – Safer – Stronger’, the event was designed to appeal to everyone working in relevant professions at present, regardless of age and experience.

Short, punchy presentations were aimed at smaller independent plant hire recruitment firms looking to maximise their time over the two days.

And sessions touched on some of the softer skills of plant hire vacancies too, such as sales, marketing and customer service, as well as how greater innovation can boost profit and productivity in manufacturing.

Before the event, HAE EHA managing director Graham Arundell said: “The Hire Convention surpassed expectations in 2015 and we’re committed to ensuring that this success continues.”

With a steady stream of social media posts coming out of the event and smiles all round from those in attendance, it seems the 2016 Convention more than met its aims.