Harnessing Social Media to Recruit into Construction Roles

A campaign is underway to recruit more young people into construction roles such as plant hire jobs, including a focus on increasing the proportion of entrants into the industry who are female.

Just 12% of the current workforce in construction roles like plant hire jobs are female, making a male-dominated sector as a whole.

But across the board, fewer people are entering the construction industry – apprenticeship completions are down on previous years, according to the Construction Industry Council.

This leaves the sector with an ageing workforce, and a need to recruit 182,000 new employees into plant hire jobs and other construction-related disciplines in the coming five years.

In order to make progress on this, the UK Contractors Group, CITB, and partners in the construction industry have launched Born to Build, a social media campaign aimed at 14 to 19-year-olds.

This asks ‘What part will you play?’ for the future of the industry, and is being coordinated with an online video launch, Twitter profile and microsite.

The CIC reports: “Born to Build aims to challenge outdated perceptions of what is a dynamic, exciting industry at the forefront of technological innovation.

“If we are to change the image of our sector and attract the diverse talent we need for the future, promoting it from the inside out is key.”