Green Construction Brings Tool Hire Recruitment Back to Basics

Tool hire recruitment opportunities could see a return to traditional construction methods in the years to come, as green and sustainable building continues to shape the future of the sector as a whole.

According to a report from Navigant Research, traditional materials and methods are going through a resurgence, thanks to the popularity of eco-friendly methods like timber-framed building.

Senior research analyst Eric Bloom says: “Innovation in green materials is driving, in a sense, a regression, in which materials made from bio-based or quickly regenerating resources – that are low in embodied energy and carbon – are re-emerging.”

This is likely to feed through into tool hire recruitment and related construction jobs, where advancements in technology may previously have led to a decline in opportunities to work with traditional methods and materials.

However, even roles that involve working closely with modern materials could be transformed by the green building trend.

For example, process efficiency is leading to an overall decrease in the embodied energy impact of advanced materials, to allow them to compete more closely with renewable natural resources.

Energy-intensive technologies that have a positive overall environmental profile – such as photovoltaic panels and electrochromic windows – are also likely to weather the green building storm, thanks to their long-term eco-friendly effects on buildings’ carbon footprints.