Five Year High in Housing Construction Holds Hope for Jobs

Housing construction is among the main driving forces behind jobs in tool hire, with an almost limitless array of different tools used regularly in building and fitting out new homes throughout the UK.

During the recent economic turbulence, suppressed activity in the housing sector has been a cause for concern – however, official figures show there is plenty of cause for confidence in the immediate future of the sector.

The latest ONS New Orders in the Construction Industry bulletin, for Q1 2013, shows new housing construction at a five-year high, with levels exceeding every quarter since Q1 2008.

“Comparing the year-on-year estimates, new housing shows an increase of 29.5% (£760 million),” the ONS reports.

Across the board, with the exception of infrastructure work, all component segments in the report showed quarterly growth in Q1.

This is likely to lead to growth – or at least security – in many jobs in tool hire and related disciplines.

However, there is still further recovery to come, with infrastructure projects clearly at lower levels than has historically been the case.

Once the infrastructure segment also posts growth in the years to come, positive results are likely throughout the construction industry as a whole, which can only bring good news for employees working in the sector.