Cyclist Safety Could Play a Role in Plant Hire Recruitment

Candidates putting themselves forward for plant hire recruitment opportunities might want to consider site safety as one way of demonstrating to potential employers that they are aware of the issues currently facing those operating within the industry.

According to a new report from the Constructing Excellence Construction Clients’ Group, cyclists in particular are under threat on some poorly planned construction sites; of 16 fatalities involving cyclists in London in 2011, seven were linked with collisions with construction traffic, among nine that involved HGVs in general.

The organisation and Transport for London are both now recommending the creation of new policies within construction firms, to ensure cyclists are kept safe while moving around building sites – whether they are in the public space around the perimeter, or passing across the working area of the site itself.

Demonstrating an awareness and appreciation of this issue could be one way for plant hire recruitment candidates to set themselves apart from the opposition – and show that they have an understanding of the wider concerns in their chosen target profession.

Among the potential solutions to be aware of are: scheduling delivery times to avoid rush hour and school drop-off and pick-up times; greater driver training and awareness; safely signalled routes for vehicles around the site; and any other sensible, reasonable and realistic precautions that could be taken.