Construction Upswing May Boost Plant Hire Jobs

Plant hire jobs are likely to increase in number in the months to come, with construction professionals’ expectations of workloads and employment both showing an upswing.

According to the RICS UK Construction Market Survey, Q1 2013, the percentage of chartered surveyors who expect the industry’s employment figures to rise over the coming 12 months is up by 22%.

This is accompanied by a net positive balance of 27% of survey respondents who expect workloads to rise in the next year, compared with those who do not.

With finance still in short supply, however, many construction firms may be reluctant to invest large sums of money into purchases of equipment – which could be good news for the plant hire market.

“The government’s attempts to stimulate the market seem now to be having some impact, but there are still significant challenges to be overcome,” says RICS chief economist Simon Rubinsohn.

“In particular, the availability of finance and planning-related issues continue to present obstacles to development.”

As workloads increase, equipment comes under greater demand but investment finance is still hard to come by, more firms are likely to look to the stop-gap solution of hiring plant machinery for the interim.

This, in turn, could lead to a substantial rise in the availability of plant hire jobs with positive feedback for the industry’s employment prospects as a whole.

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