Construction 2025 Plan to Boost Plant Hire Jobs

The coming 12 years are likely to see a substantial boost in plant hire jobs and other recruitment to construction-related disciplines, thanks to the Construction 2025 initiative.

Construction 2025 is an industry-wide plan to ensure the British construction sector is capitalising not only on domestic opportunities, but also on international growth and emerging markets.

Among its targets are:

  • 33% lower project delivery costs;
  • 50% faster project delivery times;
  • 50% lower carbon emissions;
  • 50% more industry exports.

The strategy was formally launched by the UK government at the recent 2013 Government Construction Summit, which was attended by representatives of industry organisations including the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

RICS UK & Ireland executive director Mark Walley provided the keynote speech at the Summit dinner, and used the opportunity to highlight how international standards can remove risk and promote direct investment in construction both within the UK and around the globe.

Writing on the RICS website, he adds that Construction 2025 aims to place the UK “at the forefront of global construction over the coming years”.

Mr Walley also notes the comments of keynote speaker and chief construction adviser to the government Peter Hansford, who said: “Construction is at the heart of the economy.”

As the targets of Construction 2025 are reached during the coming 12 years, the UK economy is likely to benefit broadly, and employment levels in plant hire jobs and related disciplines will provide direct insight into this in the years ahead.