Plant Hire Jobs Set Young People on an Entrepreneurial Path

Plant hire jobs set young people on an entrepreneurial path

The construction sector has always been one in which entrepreneurial spirit is rewarded, and for many people plant hire jobs are just the first step along that path. In a sector where vocational qualifications and on the job experience are highly valued, the Federation of Master Builders reports that nearly three in five present-day construction bosses began…

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Skilled Individuals are Needed for Plant Hire Vacancies

Skilled individuals are needed for plant hire vacancies

A shortage of skilled individuals in many sectors is creating new challenges for the labour force, and construction-related disciplines such as plant hire vacancies appear to be affected too. Plant hire vacancies are an indication of growth in construction activity, as one of the core services underpinning the delivery of everything from new residential and commercial…

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BBC Show Highlights Responsibility of Jobs in Tool Hire

BBC show highlights responsibility of jobs in tool hire

A recent episode of the BBC’s consumer watchdog show Fake Britain touched on a subject of importance to anyone working in jobs in tool hire, as well as in the wholesale and consumer retail markets. The show focused specifically on ladders, and those that may have been supplied in good faith by wholesalers, but which did…

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