DIY Disasters Boost Tool Hire Vacancies

Extensions are good news for jobs in tool hire

Whether you’re serving the general public, the trades, or both, there’s good reason to expect a boost in tool hire vacancies in the new year, when many people make New Year’s resolutions to do more of those DIY jobs around the house. This obviously has direct implications for the consumer-facing market, where tool hire vacancies can become…

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More on Apprenticeships for Plant Hire Jobs

More on apprenticeships for plant hire jobs

Following our recent report on how apprenticeships – if delivered properly – can support construction-related disciplines like plant hire jobs, the government have published an Ofsted report looking at the successes and shortcomings of the current system. The report praises sectors like construction, which have already followed the apprenticeship model for many years, while criticising the…

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Embark Recruitment Are Proud to Support Circus Starr

Embark Recruitment Are Proud to Support Circus Starr

Dear Supporter, Thank you for making a donation to Circus Starr. Your support today will create a memory for a child that will last a lifetime. We are an independent, charitable organisation that supports disadvantaged and disabled children across the UK. Established in 1987, we provide new opportunities for children and their families to share…

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Apprenticeships Must Deliver ‘Added Value’ for Jobs in Plant Hire

Jobs in plant hire look good through 2020

Hire Association Europe has called for apprenticeships in the construction industry to deliver “added value” for jobs in plant hire, related disciplines, and for the employers who provide such opportunities. A government consultation on the issue closed recently, with the next publication of updates on the process due before Christmas. It centres on the proposal of an…

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Plant Hire Recruitment Supports Young People in Construction

Plant hire recruitment supports young people in construction

As efforts continue to attract more young applicants into construction roles, plant hire recruitment has its own part to play in making sure these new entrants have all of the equipment available to them that they need at the start of their new careers. Entering construction roles can be challenging for self-employed individuals and contractors, who might…

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Tool Hire Recruitment can Shore up Supply of Tradespeople

Tool hire recruitment finds jobs that are 'just right'

Tool hire recruitment is part of arguably one of the UK’s most important vertical markets, as those tools are often used by tradespeople in construction work on new affordable housing for British families. However, the Federation of Master Builders has reported that a two-year upward trend within the building industry may be under threat from…

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Industry Calls for Push on Tool Hire Recruitment

Industry calls for push on tool hire recruitment

Young people entering jobs in tool hire might be surprised by just how much they are valued by those in the construction industry, following the news that the sector is calling for a push on tool hire recruitment in the immediate future. Hire Association Europe have teamed up with JCB to do just that, with…

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Tool Hire Jobs Help Brits Achieve Ambitions

Tool hire jobs help Brits achieve ambitions

Tool hire jobs could help many Brits to get the kind of working life they want – as well as entering a profession with plenty of appeal to those around you. Research from the Federation of Master Builders reveals that one in six people in the UK want to rid their day of office politics, and…

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How Plant Hire Jobs Can Help SMEs Deliver New Homes

How plant hire jobs can help SMEs deliver new homes

Plant hire jobs are a crucial link in the housing supply chain, ensuring building firms of all sizes have access to the tools they might not directly own. For obvious reasons, this can be even more important for small and medium-sized firms, whose investment budget to purchase new tools and equipment outright may be smaller.…

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Will Election Boost Jobs in Tool Hire?

Will election boost jobs in tool hire?

 With a general election just a few weeks away, what are the prospects for jobs in tool hire? One of the key issues at stake is the construction and renovation of housing. The Federation of Master Builders has been looking at the different parties’ pledges on property building and renovation, and Labour and the Greens…

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