Interview Tips


Congratulations! Being successfully selected for an interview means you are on the road to your new position.

To achieve an interview shortlist means the employer is interested in finding out more about you and your experience; potentially ahead of a large number of other candidates.

Every employer will have a different approach to the interview process. We will brief you ahead of your interview with information such as: approximate interview duration, participants, what the interview process will include and the number of rounds of interviews expected. We will also talk you through any key attribute the employer is seeking. It may be useful to practice interview techniques with a friend or family member.


Carefully review the Job Description and any company information you have been given. Conduct online research to find out about the company: people, service, products and ethos. Prepare a list of questions you would like more information about.

Your CV

Review your own CV and be prepared for any questions the employer may ask you based on the qualification and attributes information you have provided.

The Look

Different industries and environments will have a bearing on what is generally acceptable. However, an absolute minimum requirement is to be clean and smart. Making a good first impression is of paramount importance.


Plan your route, where to park and if you need change for a ticket. Being ten minutes early is good practice. Being ten minutes late is not the first impression you want to give.

The Introduction

A pleasant, friendly and personalised greeting, a smile, eye contacts and a firm handshake will help break the ice.

The Interview

Take every chance to demonstrate why YOU are the best choice for their job role. Be positive and emphasize your strengths. Don’t lie and listen carefully to ensure you can give an appropriate answer to any question. If you need the question to be repeated, just ask. Ask plenty of questions too as an interview is a two way process.

The Close

Make sure you have all the information you need and ask if they there is anything else that they would like to know about you. If you are interested then make sure they know you are keen and ask for confirmation of the next steps in the process.

Next Steps

If you are offered the position, then well done. However, if you are already in employment, do not resign your present role until you have received a written confirmation of a job offer, including; terms and conditions and role specification and terms of payment which are agreeable to you and are as discussed with the employer.

If you are not successful, we will provide you with as much feedback as we are able to, in order to help you in your application to the next role. Take this as a learning opportunity, dust your self down and move on.