Budget 2014: Measures to Boost Plant Hire Jobs

Several of the measures outlined in the 2014 Budget speech could see an increase in plant hire jobs availability over the coming months.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne stressed the importance of apprenticeships as a route to employment for younger people.

As such, an extra £85 million is being put towards grants for employers in each of 2014-15 and 2015-16, allowing for more than 100,000 grants to be made.

“The government will ensure that grants are targeted where they are most effective,” the Red Book adds.

Meanwhile, following several years of lower infrastructure spending since the recession, the events of the winter have forced the government’s hand to some extent.

As such, £140 million of additional funding has been earmarked for flood defences around the UK – specifically for the purpose of restoring those damaged by recent severe weather.

“The government is developing a long-term plan that will direct investment to protect the country from future flooding,” the Book continues.

All of this means immediate and lasting investments in infrastructure, and in the provision of new employment opportunities for young people.

Taken together, these are likely to lead to substantial opportunities in plant hire jobs over the coming years, helping more people of all ages into employment in the sector.