HGVs driving UK

Self-driving lorries to be tested on UK roads

29th August 2017

To many people, self-driving lorries still seem as something that will only be seen on the movie screen, but a surprise is the fact that the technology is there and is becoming ever closer to being a reality on the roads. There has been plenty said about self-driving cars and a common feature in the…

What’s needed for a forklift engineer job?

What’s needed for a forklift engineer job?

25th July 2017

At Embark Recruitment, we are experts in recruitment in the plant & tool hire industry. This can range from HGV driver roles to office-based depot managers. One of the main job roles that we cover is service engineers. Service engineers visit clients to resolve functional problems in machinery by making assessments and resolving issues. Within…

What are recruiters looking for in a fitter engineer?

What are recruiters looking for in a fitter engineer?

25th May 2017

Fitter engineers install, maintain and repair mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems and equipment. They work from detailed engineering drawings and technical manuals to fit and assemble parts and components for a variety of machinery. The role involves dealing with the various processes involved in making or producing components for machinery. What skills are required to…

Construction boom assists plant and tool hire jobs market

Construction boom assists plant and tool hire jobs market

3rd May 2017

The plant and tool hire jobs market is heavily entwined with the construction industry but what do the latest forecasts mean for people looking to get employment in the plant and tool hire industry? The results look quite promising due to the fact the construction industry seems to finally be shrugging off the Brexit fears. Markit/CIPS, the…

HGV driver on motorway

How and why becoming a HGV driver is a good career choice

28th April 2017

Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) l drivers transport goods between distributors, suppliers and customers. HGV drivers play an important role in the supply chain and help keep the country stocked up. Benefits of becoming a HGV driver Obviously, there is a lot of travel involved in the job, but for someone who enjoys being out on the road,…

Introduction of T-levels could increase tool hire numbers

Introduction of T-levels Could Increase Tool Hire Numbers

20th March 2017

In the 2017 Budget, it was announced that the UK will invest heavily in a new technical qualification named T-levels. For years, the widely accepted route to ‘success’ has been GCSE to A-level, then A-level onto university. T-levels will bypass this familiar route and give young people a pathway into 15 sectors where technical training…

Safety measures in construction site operations are critical

Safety Measures in Construction Site Operations are Critical

16th March 2017

Safety in the workplace. We all know about it and when the next safety briefing comes up we all groan inwardly thinking there is always something better we could be doing with our time but in actual fact these boring briefings and information sessions help towards saving hundreds if not thousands of injuries from occurring each year.  When you…

France ‘Lifts’ UK’s Powered Access Giant

22nd February 2017

An unconditional offer for Lavendon by Loxham was made on 14th Feb resulting in Lavendon applying for a delisting and a cancellation of admission to trading of Lavendon shares on the London Stock Exchange. Loxham has now received acceptances on 90% of the shares and is looking to exercise its rights to acquire the remaining…

HAE look to ensure safety in tool hire jobs

HAE Look to Ensure Safety in Tool Hire Jobs

14th February 2017

People working in tool hire jobs have an important role to play in protecting their own safety around sharp or heavy equipment, and also ensuring the safety of their customers when renting out tools and machinery. At this month’s Executive Hire Show 2017 at the Ricoh Arena, Hire Association Europe (HAE) were on hand to host a…

Regional Construction boom in some of the UK's biggest regional cities

Regional Construction Boom in Some of the UK’s Biggest Regional Cities

1st February 2017

The largest UK regional cities are experiencing a construction boom, not anticipated by the scaremongers following Brexit. The attraction of city centre living is helping as are the new transport links to certain parts of the UK. Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Belfast have all seen big jumps in the levels of development across a number…

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