Lorry HGV on motorway

Why you should consider a career as an HGV driver

30th November 2018

The new year is fast approaching and, for most, that means a look at their career. Are you enjoying your current role? Do you wake up and dread the working day ahead? If so, 2019 might be the year for you to look elsewhere and make some worthwhile changes to your career. A career that…

Should the construction industry look to larger lorries?

30th October 2018

Travel pollution is a hot topic. And one of the largest culprits for lowering air quality through travel is bulk movement HGVs that make their way up and down the UK in their droves every single day. Sustainable transport is making its way into the car and van market but is yet to make an…

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How we find the best candidates for your plant and tool hire vacancy

24th September 2018

When a vacancy has come up in your plant or tool hire company and you are actively looking for candidates, it’s common for the process to leave you with dozens of unsuitable applications to sift through. The best option for finding an ideal replacement or newcomer is to get in touch with a specialist recruiter…

Interview preparation for a tool and plant hire industry job

24th August 2018

So, you’ve had a phone call or interview inviting you to an interview for a tool or plant hire job that you recently applied for. Congratulations! This means that the employer has seen enough in your CV to acknowledge that you are capable of succeeding in the role. The interview is an opportunity for you…

What should a hire controller job advert include?

27th July 2018

Within tool and plant hire, it is the hire controller’s job to manage all of the orders with suppliers and facilitating contracts. If a plant and tool hire supplier wants to be known for a good service, having a good hire controller in place is vital. The hire controller is the main contact for customers…

Demand for construction machinery on the rise

26th June 2018

The global market for construction machinery grew by a quarter in 2017, proving that construction plant hire is a growing industry. There are many reasons for why construction machinery will be needed by the sector. From building a house to raising a skyscraper, there is a range of equipment needed to make it happen. Building…

What does a tool hire depot manager do?

29th May 2018

Tool hire depot manager vacancies often appear on our jobs list. But what’s involved in this role? Experience in and up-to-date knowledge of the tool hire industry is a given. However many other qualities are needed to succeed in this rewarding yet demanding job where no two days are the same. First rate customer service…

What skills do I need to be a field sales executive in the tools industry?

2nd May 2018

As anyone with experience will know, the tools and parts sales industry is a competitive field. So what do you need to stand out from other candidates to land that coveted field sales executive role?   What is a field sales executive? As a field sales executive, you will be out and about visiting existing…

HGV driving on UK motorway

What licence do HGV drivers need for their job?

14th March 2018

For persons both young and old, a career as a HGV driver can be a lucrative one. It provides flexibility, gives you a sense of independence and enables you to earn an excellent living while building yourself a stable future. Before you start looking for such HGV driver jobs, persons interested should bear in mind…

Fitter engineer with machinery

What are recruiters looking for in a fitter engineer?

23rd February 2018

In the UK, there are around 1.5 million people working in engineer-related roles. This means that there is a steady demand for experienced fitter engineers. So, what is a fitter engineer and how do you get into this career? What is a fitter engineer? Fitter engineers install, maintain and repair mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems…

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