How and why becoming a HGV driver is a good career choice

Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) l drivers transport goods between distributors, suppliers and customers. HGV drivers play an important role in the supply chain and help keep the country stocked up.

Benefits of becoming a HGV driver

Obviously, there is a lot of travel involved in the job, but for someone who enjoys being out on the road, a job as a HGV driver can be a dream. You might be at one end of the country on one day and heading over to Europe the next. There is plenty of variation and the role offers a level of freedom that few other jobs can provide.

Skills needed to be a HGV driver:

  • Excellent driving and road safety skills
  • Communication and people skills
  • Ability to work on own for long periods
  • Time management and good planning

How to become a HGV driver

In order to become a HGV driver, a valid HGV or LGV licence is needed. Before applying for a provisional, you will need to take a medical test.

There are then two types of licences available: category C and category C and E. A category C licence allows you to drive a 2-axle lorry over 7.5 tonnes, but it must not exceed 32 tonnes. A category C and E licence enables drivers to drive an articulated lorry (a lorry which can detach from its trailer). The application includes a theory and practical test.

HGV training is available for anyone over the age of 18 who has a full car driving licence. If you currently work in transport and logistics, some employers will provide this as part of employment.

Types of HGV drivers

As well as the standard HGV licences that allow drivers to transport the likes of food, car parts and building materials to businesses and factories, there are specialist licences which will allow drivers to carry hazardous loads, such as fuel and chemicals.

Recruitment agency for HGV drivers

For persons who enjoy driving, life as a truck driver can be a very lucrative one. With the right training and skills, drivers can build a rewarding career in logistics. To find your next role or begin your career as a HGV driver, get in touch with Embark Recruitment today on 01530 588 841.