BBC Show Highlights Responsibility of Jobs in Tool Hire

A recent episode of the BBC’s consumer watchdog show Fake Britain touched on a subject of importance to anyone working in jobs in tool hire, as well as in the wholesale and consumer retail markets.

The show focused specifically on ladders, and those that may have been supplied in good faith by wholesalers, but which did not comply with the proper British Standards such as BS EN 131.

When put to practical use, some of these ladders may break – and one self-employed individual interviewed on the show said that when the first rung of his ladder buckled, “I could have broken my ankle and that would have been my livelihood gone.”

The Ladder Association’s technical manager Don Aers commented: “A ladder is a safety-critical item and the risks associated with purchasing and using a deficient or unsafe product are potentially enormous, with far-reaching consequences.”

Although many people might not imagine a ladder to be a specialist item of equipment, there are of course many different types of ladder, suitable for angled roofs, high elevations, or even simply stepladders for freestanding use on level ground.

People working in jobs in tool hire share the responsibility to ensure the correct ladder is rented for each job, while leasing from a reputable supplier provides some extra peace of mind for newcomers to the industry who might otherwise be uncertain of where to purchase a ladder of their own that meets the required standards.