More on Apprenticeships for Plant Hire Jobs

Following our recent report on how apprenticeships – if delivered properly – can support construction-related disciplines like plant hire jobs, the government have published an Ofsted report looking at the successes and shortcomings of the current system.

The report praises sectors like construction, which have already followed the apprenticeship model for many years, while criticising the soft touch taken in the services sector.

For example, some apprentices have received accreditation in services roles, simply for carrying out common everyday tasks like making coffee or sweeping floors.

In contrast, in sectors like construction, apprentices are still being held to the high standards that have been expected of those entering skilled disciplines for many years.

“High-quality apprenticeships were typically found by inspectors in industries that have a long-established reliance on employing apprentices to develop their future workforce,” Ofsted reported.

“They gained considerable new skills, added value to individual businesses’ productivity, and contributed to economic growth.”

This ‘added value’ echoes the calls made by Hire Association Europe recently, who urged the government to ensure that apprenticeships have the economic impact that is expected of them.

With the Ofsted report in mind, it seems many organisations in construction disciplines – from masonry to the trades, and associated services like tool hire and plant hire jobs – are delivering on the promises made by apprenticeships for the modern-day workforce.