Affordable Housing Surge to Boost Tool Hire Jobs

Government plans to build the largest number of affordable homes for two decades have positive implications for tool hire jobs, as well as for those who supply building materials and who work directly in construction roles.

The initiative was announced on January 27th and should see as many as 165,000 new homes built between 2015 and 2018.

Already, councils, housebuilders and housing associations have been invited to bid for government funding, allowing them to complete projects in a way that keeps the finished homes more affordable to buyers.

The Department of Communities and Local Government says each new home will support a job – delivering a 165,000-role boost to the construction sector, including materials suppliers and those in related disciplines such as tool hire jobs.

“Almost a million independent firms are involved in the construction industry, accounting for 20% of all small and medium-sized companies, and businesses that supply building products have an annual turnover of more than £50 billion,” CLG said in its press release.

The scheme builds on already high levels of housebuilding, compared with previous years since the economic downturn hit.

Housing minister Kris Hopkins said construction levels in the housing sector are at their highest since 2007, while orders are increasing faster than at any time in the past decade.