‘Planning Revolution’ Could Boost Jobs in Tool Hire

A so-called ‘planning revolution’ could be good news for people seeking jobs in tool hire in the years to come.

The Chancellor’s Mansion House speech, delivered earlier this month, outlined moves to increase the amount of brownfield development that takes place in the UK.

By doing so, this not only means old building plots may be reused more easily, but should also help to protect the environment by shifting development away from virgin greenfield sites.

Chris Carr, chair of the Federation of Master Builders’ Home Builders Group, says: “Brownfield sites within our towns and cities are likely to be sites of a size and location that is attractive to local builders.

“However, previously used sites often come with additional costs and complexities that increase the upfront investment required.”

The Chancellor has now announced that councils must place local development orders on 90% or more of suitable brownfield sites by 2020.

Should this be backed by the appropriate funding to overcome the obstacles, Mr Carr says it is very likely that a genuine revolution in urban development might be achieved.

But with challenges arising from the nature of the sites being worked on, specialist equipment could also be in big demand – making jobs in tool hire a likely knock-on beneficiary of the revolution.